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How to use the invoices and receipts feature in Booxi
How to use the invoices and receipts feature in Booxi
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Follow these steps to benefit from the invoices and receipts feature. 

1. Click on your “My Business” tab,
2. Select the section “Appointment Rules”, and scroll down to the end until you get to the section “Enable invoice and receipt”. Then switch the button to on (it will become blue). 

3. In case you use two billing systems, use the “Prefix” field to easily differentiate invoices between your systems.
4. Then, in the “Starting receipt number” field, enter the value you want - for example, 1 - to easily track the number of invoices issued.  
5. Finally, the “Invoice & receipt footer note” field allows you to add the information you want to customize your receipt. For example, it can be your tax numbers, association number, practitioner number, etc. You can also indicate your payment policies.
6. Click on Save and you’re done. 

How to use it:

Once the feature is activated, start collecting payment directly from your booxi appointments. 

To do so, 

1. Go on your calendar, and make a right click on the appointment for which you want to create a receipt. Select the option “New Invoice”

2. This screen will appear:

3. You’ll then be able to edit the information, as well as add a new line by clicking on the “Add a line” button. The total amount will automatically be adjusted for you.

booxi is smart, so every time you add a new item, he records it, at the price you added it, so you can use it later. So booxi automatically builds your product catalog.

To search for a product you have already added to your booxi catalog, just click on the magnifying glass icon, and enter the first few letters of your product. booxi will present the corresponding options.

If you are no longer selling a product, and want to remove it from the booxi catalog, simply click on the cross, in front of the product to be deleted.

4. On the right side, you’ll be able to select among the following payment options: Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Other 

5. When everything is set up as you want, click on the “Pay Now” button.
6. This screen will appear: 

7. You’ll be able to send your receipt by email to your customer, by clicking on the “Send by email” icon. Confirm or edit the email address and click on Send. 

Your client will then receive an email with the receipt: 

8. You can also directly print the receipt, by clicking on the print icon.

And you’re done.

9. A $ sign will be added in the bottom right corner of your appointment block to let you know that a payment has been made for this appointment. 

10. If you need to find a receipt, you have a couple options:

  • You can find it in the customer file: Go to the Clients tab, and enter the name of your client. Select his/her file. You’ll find the history of their receipts under the “Invoices” section 

  • You can also find it in the “Invoices & Receipts” tab. 

In both cases, you’ll be able to send the receipt again by email or you can print it directly. 

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