Previously, there was an option to add a single question associated with a service, so the customer would answer the question during the booking process.

However, we wanted to be able to offer clients more options. We have now added the option to create a simple, custom booking survey that your customers can answer before arriving at their appointment.

The Steps

  1. Go to services

2. Choose the selected service.

3. Then click Service Details.

4. Scroll down to Booking Survey.

5. Select Simple Survey.

6. Click on the icon below to begin.

7. A dropdown will appear with the survey question options.

8. Start building your custom simple survey.

9. You can select this icon below to see a preview of your survey before it’s finished.

Add a * at the beginning of a line marks the question as mandatory

Add a - at the beginning of a line displays as a dropdown choice

Add a + at the beginning of a line displays as a checkbox choice

Open question example:

What is your name?

Mandatory question example:

*What is your age?

Checkbox example:

What colors do you like?



Dropdown example:

What is your favorite color?



Where to find the Survey's answers

Answers provided by each customer to your survey can be found directly in their appointment details. Simply open their appointment from your calendar and click on "Edit Survey" to find their provided answers :

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