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How to create a new user on the Template Head Office
How to create a new user on the Template Head Office

Centralize the creation of users from the Head-Office and easily assign the users to stores.

Updated over a week ago

You can create users individually per store, but you can also centralize the creation of users through the Head-Office.

To add a new personnel through the Head-Office click on the Add a personnel option.

As opposed to regular stores, you don’t have the option to select if this user is a user with a calendar or a user without a calendar.

By default, the user is a user without calendar.

Once the profile created, invite the person to join Booxi.

You can choose what user access they have from the User Access section.

Once the user has been invited, under Assigned Stores, check the stores where the user needs to have access to. Click on Save once the stores have been checked.

The user access you give them is applied to every store you link this user to.

Do not forget to block this person from the Head-Office once invited to join the other store accounts.

⚠️ Important note

Head-Office users are "read-only" users.

If you need to perform any changes on their profiles, you will need to manage it from the Head-Office (eg. update user information, remove a user from the store).

We recommend configuring the Head-Office account owner with a generic email address or a long lasting user email.

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