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How to connect to the Booxi Mobile App
How to connect to the Booxi Mobile App

Select your preferred languages and the region to connect to the Booxi mobile application.

Updated over a week ago

Once you've downloaded the Booxi Mobile App on Google Play or on the App Store, you can log in to start managing your bookings.

Log in to the mobile application

  1. Tap on the Booxi Mobile App

  2. Tap on the language on the top of your screen to select your preferred language (French or English) and your region

  3. In the panel, select your language and region

  4. Click on Save and you're done

⚠️ Important

If you're created your Booxi account through the Booxi sign up page, select “Americas” as region. If you get an error message, this might be due to a wrong region selection.

After this, simply enter your login and password to access the Mobile app. The preferences you've made will be saved for your next logins!

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