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Scheduling Seasonal Open Hours and Holidays
Scheduling Seasonal Open Hours and Holidays

Manage holidays and seasonal Open Hours schedules

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This new feature allows you to easily manage holidays and seasonal “Open Hours” schedules by providing you with an efficient way to create specific “Open Hours”.

⚠️ Notice: Please be warned that when editing open business hours, changes are applied in real time. If a schedule is to end soon but no subsequent schedule is created, there may be no availability for new appointments until a new schedule is created (when scheduling personnel based on open hours).

Here are a few use-cases where such a feature will be helpful:

  • Summer Hours, Extended or Limited Open Hours

  • Holiday Schedule

  • Temporary Closure for vacation or inventory management

The feature functions in a similar fashion as staff schedules are currently managed.

Under a store’s “My Business” section, the section “Open Hours” displays a list of all existing schedules each with a start and end dates.

Create Custom Schedules

To change an existing schedule, follow these steps :

  1. Go to My Business tab

  2. Click on Open hours

  3. Click on the menu icon on the upper right side

  4. Select “Edit”

  5. Proceed to the changes and click on Save

To create a new schedule, follow the previous steps then,

  1. Click on the “⊕” button

  2. Select a date range (start and end date)

  3. For each day of the week, select a start and end time (you can add various time ranges within a day)

Each schedule represents a recurring week and its hour ranges can be defined for each day individually. The example below showcases a daily schedule with 2 time ranges: a first range from 9AM to 12PM, separated by a one-hour lunch break and a second one from 1PM to 6PM.

⚠️Important notes : Several “Open Hours” schedules can be created but only one will be active at any given time. Take note that overlapping schedules aren’t permitted.

If a schedule’s end date is past, your store location may appear as closed. Make sure to switch back to the usual business hours or assign a new “Open Hours” schedule. Once a schedule expires, it can be safely removed. However, be careful when doing so as it may temporarily remove staff availability if their working schedule is based on these open hours.

Managing Staff and Resource Availability

If you wish to manage resources and staff schedules based on your seasonal open hours, make sure to set their respective schedules to “Open Business Hours” instead of “Weekly Work Schedule”.

Schedules can be assigned under the section “Work Schedule” of a staff or "Availability Schedule" of a resource summary by selecting one of the following options from the drop down menu.

What will change on my Booxi account ?

There will be no meaningful change to your account. However, moving to a multi-schedule model, the “open hours” of your business, as currently set in the Booxi Back Office, will be assigned with an end date of December 31st 2029.

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