It might be very important to import your client list into your Booxi account.

There are two ways to import your client list.

If you use Lightspeed

  1. Connect to your Booxi account and link your Lightspeed account to it

  2. Go to the Clients tab

  3. Click on the options button and click on Import from Lightspeed

  4. A new window opens, click on "Import Customers"

The import process is going on in the background and it will take a few minutes depending on how many customers you have.

If you do not use Lightspeed

If you do not use Lightspeed but you want to import your client list, please contact Booxi support.

You will receive an excel sheet to fill with your client information and we will proceed with a manual import of your client list.

⚠️Important Note:

A yearly plan is required in order to ask Booxi to import your client list.

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