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How to use the Invoice Report Feature
How to use the Invoice Report Feature
Updated over a week ago

To export your Invoice Report, you have to have created Invoices before. 

If you need help to learn how to use the feature Invoices and Receipts follow this guide

1. Go on the Invoices and Receipts tab.

2. Click on the Options icon, and select Invoice Report. 

3. Select the pSélectionnez la période pour laquelle vous souhaitez créer le rapport. Par exemple ici, je vais faire l’export de facture pour une semaine: 

4. Then you have 3 options to realize your export:

  • Invoice Summary: This report allows you to have the total amount from all your invoices, without presenting the details of each invoice. 

  • Line Details: This reports details every lines of each invoice.
    This option is useful especially in the case where you add items (eg products) to the billing of a service, and you want to identify the amount of sales of services and products.

  • Payment Without Invoice: This report shows the amounts that were collected without an invoice being created beforehand. (This option is only valid for booxi users who have activated the Stripe or Square module to collect a payment when making an appointment).

*If you use Square or Stripe, in addition to the booxi feature "Receipt and Invoices" you can simply double-export (export invoice summary + export unbilled payments) to make sure you have the total amount of all the payments that have been made.

Once your export is done, you can easily from an Excel or Google Sheet, filter and pull the data, to analyze your results.

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