Buffer time between appointments
Updated over a week ago

You can configure this option only if the time selection mode is on Display Time slot selection or Display Time slot with automatic dispatch.

1- Connect to your booxi business account
2- Select service icon
3- Choose a service
4- Select booking rules
5- Choose a booking interval from 5 min to 5 hours.
When you set-up your interval, take into considertation:
Your service duration + the duration of your break

For example: you have a 30 minutes service and you want a 10 minute break, you need to set-up a 40 minutes interval. 

Do not forget to click on “Save” once the changes have been done. 

Here is an example for a service of 30 minutes with 5minutes break, I configure a booking interval of 35 minutes (longer than the duration of the service) : 

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