Your employees will generally take their vacation at different times throughout the year. With booxi, there are 2 quick and easy ways to manage holidays and time off.

1. Changing your employee's work schedule

Find out how to change your employees' working hours in this article.

a) If your employee is available during open business hours, you can change his or her work schedule by selecting the Weekly work schedule option without specifying work hours.

b) If your employee works with a Calendar work schedule, you can delete the available time slots directly in their calendar.

c) If your employee works on a weekly work schedule, you can change that schedule. You can do this by deleting or changing an existing weekly work schedule by clicking to the right of the corresponding period

Select Remove or Modify as required.

If you choose the Modify option, you can change your employee's standby period by changing the start and end date of the schedule as well as the day to day schedules.

2) Indicate unavailable time slots in their calendar

This article explains how to organize your employees' calendar.

In just a few clicks your employees vacation time slots will appear in booxi!

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