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How to easily manage your employees' vacations?
How to easily manage your employees' vacations?

If you need to edit your employees' work schedule for upcoming vacation

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Your employees will generally take their vacation at different times throughout the year. With Booxi, there are 2 quick and easy ways to manage holidays and time off.

Changing your employee's work schedule

Find out how to change your employees' working hours in this article.

If your employee normally uses "Open Business hours":

  • Click on Personnel tab

  • Click on the personnel's profile and go to work schedule

  • Change his work schedule to Weekly hours schedule

  • Click on the little + to add a schedule

  • Change the date according to his vacations

  • Do not enter anything and click on save

That way, your employee will not be available during this period.

⚠️Important note

Do not forget to create a work schedule for your employee until the beginning of his vacation and one after his vacation so he can still accept appointments.

If your employee works with a Calendar work schedule

  • Click on the calendar tab

  • Access your employee calendar

  • Delete all the available time slots in his calendar for his vacation period

If your employee works on a weekly work schedule

  • Click on the personnel tab

  • Click on the personnel profile and go to Work Schedule

  • If the personnel profile has an existing weekly work schedule for the vacation period, edit this schedule and set the end date to the day of your employee's vacation

  • Create a new schedule starting at the end of his vacation


If my employee's vacation starts on February 17th and ends on February 26th, edit the end date of his schedule to February 16th and create a new one for February 27th

Indicate unavailable time slots in their calendar

This article explains how to organize your employees' calendars.

In just a few clicks your employees' vacation time slots will appear in Booxi!

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