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How to import your rental fleet from Lightspeed to Booxi
How to import your rental fleet from Lightspeed to Booxi
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As a Lightspeed user, you are able to import all of your available Rental items from Lightspeed to booxi. The first step is to export each category of your fleet from Lightspeed.

Here’s how to export your resources from your inventory in Lightspeed :

  1. Log in to Lightspeed ­

  2. Access your Inventory tab

  3. Select Item search (or filter through tags)

  4. Use the search bar to find all the titled items you’d like to Export

  5. Click on Export

Once you’ve exported all your “Specialized bikes” as shown above, in a downloaded CSV file, you can now import them in booxi.

Here’s how to proceed with the resources import to booxi :

  1. Log in your booxi account.

  2. Access the Resources tab

  3. Click on “Add new category” so you will import all the exported bikes under the same category and it’ll be titled as desired.

4. Once the category has been added, you will need to click on “Options” > “Import from Lightspeed”

5. The last step is to select from the 3 dropdowns, the right Identification field, Resource category and Replacement value field corresponding to your exported data and how you want the import to be categorized.

6. Finally, click on Import CSV and fetch the exported CSV file downloaded from Lightspeed in your documents to proceed with the upload.

You can now reproduce all these steps to import multiple different resources categories by doing an export for each resource category from your Lightspeed inventory!

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