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How to Use the Mobile App's New Schedule View
How to Use the Mobile App's New Schedule View

This article describes how to use the mobile app's new schedule view.

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The Booxi Mobile App is introducing an alternative to the current daily, weekly and monthly calendar views. Known as the “schedule view” this new feature can be construed as a digest of all upcoming events scheduled at a store location.

This view is particularly useful to staff members not having access to a computer but needing to consult the schedule from a mobile device.

Selecting the “Schedule” View

  • On both mobile phone or tablet, tap on the “view” icon and select “Schedule” from the top menu.

Selecting Calendars

Select from a list of staff and resource calendars to determine what content will be displayed in the view. Up to 40 individual calendars can be selected at the same time.

  • Make a selection by checking the appropriate check boxes and tap on “Save”.

If you exceed the limit of 40 calendars, you will not be able to save your selection.

Make sure not to make a selection within the permitted range.


Once the “schedule” view is active, events can be chronologically browsed by swiping up or down in an infinite loop. To quickly jump from a month to another, tap on the arrows found at the top of the screen.

Calendar events are displayed individually by starting time and grouped by day within the same week. Weeks with no scheduled events will appear as a simple label.

When you select multiple calendars, each staff and resource assigned to an event will be appropriately identified on the event label.

Take note that if a single calendar is selected, they will not appear on the event label.

To learn more about this new feature, download the mobile application on Google Play and the App Store.

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