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How to verify and update the Lightspeed domain
How to verify and update the Lightspeed domain

Verify your Lightspeed domain in a few steps for troubleshooting.

Updated over a week ago

If your Lightspeed integration does not work anymore, checking the Lightspeed domain could fix it.

For this, follow these steps:

On Lightspeed

  1. Go to your Lightspeed Retail connection page

  2. Check the URL and copy the link up to the .com

    (For example)

On Booxi

  1. Connect to your Booxi account

  2. Go to My Business tab

  3. Click on “Integration modules”

  4. Under Lightspeed Retail, click on the setup button

  5. In the panel, under "Lightspeed Domain", paste the URL you copied earlier

  6. Click on Save

Your new domain should be set up and pushing a sale through Booxi to Lightspeed should work again.

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