Add User Access Without a Calendar
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Previously, all new users added to your booxi business account automatically had a calendar and they were listed in the choice of personnel in new appointments and calendar views.

However, if you have employees who don't need a calendar because they aren't meeting with customers by appointment, you now have the option of adding them as a personnel without a calendar. This employee will be able to use booxi, but their name won't appear in the choice of personnel when filtering calendars or creating new appointments and groups. The only employees that will appear are the ones with calendars; therefore by appointment basis and providing services

Adding a New Personnel Without Calendar

When you're about to add a new personnel, you have the option to create the profile with or without a calendar. However, keep in mind that you won't be able to change this once the personnel is created.

Personnel with calendar:

For someone who will have appointments or group sessions booked with them.

Personnel without calendar:

For someone who will not have appointments with customers yet still needs access to booxi.

Follow These Steps to Get Started

  • From the side main menu, click on Personnel.

  • From the Personnel list, click on Add a new personnel at the top.

  • You will then have to enter the person's first and last name.

  • Then select a Personnel Type.

a) Choose User without calendar if the personnel does not need a calendar, but only to access booxi.

b) Choose Personnel with a calendar if the personnel needs a calendar, and optionally to access booxi. This is the default option

  • Click on New to confirm adding the new personnel or user.

The new user without calendar will appear in the personnel list but won't appear in the dropdown list of the calendar views and appointment forms; while the new personnel with calendar will appear in the list, the calendar views and the appointment forms.

A Personnel List that Makes More Sense

Now your calendar views and appointment forms can present a personnel choice that makes more sense without the users who don't need to have calendars. Users without calendars can still access the same features allowed by their respective user rights, including accessing calendars as well as managing appointments. All this without the need for their own calendar.

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